About Us

EACLJ-About-Us-LogoThe East African Centre for Law and Justice (EACLJ) is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization whose main role is to become a credible and reliable source of information to members of the general public.

Citizen participation in politics is often hampered by a lack of understanding, basically due to lack of accurate and reliable information on the content and implication of Policy and Legislation affecting their day-to-day lives. The EACLJ is committed to always telling it as it is so that the common mwananchi can easily choose what to stand for on various pertinent issues as well as understanding the implications. All this is done by explanations given in a language they can understand.

The EACLJ is keen on

  • Engaging Government and Policy Makers to ensure that the ordinary Kenyan's voice is heard when policy is being drafted and formulated. This basically involves informing the public on the laws that are passed in the National Assembly, and how it will affect them, and getting the citizen to engage by amplifying the voice of those who have an opinion about anything that Government is doing.
  • Lobbying the County Assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate to take the Christian's views into consideration as they draft legislation and policies. The aim is to promote policies and legislation that are good for Kenya as a whole, and are as inclusive as possible.
  • Endeavouring to sponsor legislation we feel is beneficial for all Kenyans.
  • Educating Kenyans by running continuous civic education forums across the length and breadth of Kenya. We will help Government get any information out to the mwananchi by rolling out programmes in civic education forums across the country.
  • Engaging the Courts in High Impact cases that will help in the Implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 to give meaning to what Kenyans hoped for.

With roots in Christianity, our activities will mostly seek to protect the institutions that keep our families strong. This is an acknowledgement that strong families make a strong society and therefore a strong nation. Human Rights issues protect our families, as do Women's Rights, and enhancing the societal protection of Children. We will also seek to keep State and State actors from interfering with our freedom of worship... no matter what the creed.